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Florida Circuit-Civil Mediators Society - Member Roster
Our Florida Panel at was established in 2005, and took many hundreds of attorney and firm surveys, peer-nomination screening & vetting to compile. Florida has been a pioneer in the use of ADR, and likely has more fulltime practitioners than any other US state.

The FCCMS is now established as Florida's premier association for ADR professionals.

Approved FCCMS Members
 Eric D. Dunlap Dunlap Mediation
 Joseph C. Perzan Law & Mediation Offices
 David H. Lichter Higer Lichter & Givner LLP
 Judith A. Ripps Harnett Lesnick & Ripps P.A.
 Jeffrey S. Grubman Jeffrey S. Grubman, P.A.
 Steven J. Gutter Steven J. Gutter P.A.
 Martin I. Lipnack Dispute Resolution Consultants,Inc.
 D. Robert Hoyle D. Robert Hoyle, P.A.
 Edwin T. Mulock Law Offices of Edwin T. Mulock, P.A.
 Alan E. DeSerio Esq. Alan E. DeSerio, Esq. Attorney At Law
 James R. Case Castagna Mediation Firm
 Charles Nelson Castagna Charles N. Castagna Mediation, Inc.
 Winston Terry Churchill II Churchill Mediation
 Charles A. Buford Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP
 Robert E. Bugg Robert E. Bugg, P.A.
 Ricky D. Gordon All Florida Mediation, Inc.
 Jack Martin Coe Law Office of Jack Martin Coe, P.A.
 George S. Pappas Pappas & Russell, P.A.
Kimberly Sands Upchurch Watson White & Max
Terrence M. (Terry) White Upchurch, Watson & White
John J. Upchurch Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
William Armstrong W. R. Armstrong, P.A.
Bryan Scott Henry Esq. All Florida Mediation, Inc.
Anthony Skip Beisler All Florida Mediation, Inc.
Charles F. Radice MEDIAR, Inc.
Michael A. Bernstein Mediation Partners
Judith A. Bass MEDIATION, INC.
Wilton L. Strickland Wilton L. Strickland, P.A.
Simon M. Harrison Esq. Attorney at Law
Jonathan David Conant Conant Mediation Center
Denise Kennedy Denise H. Kennedy, P.A.
Michael B. Spellman, Ph.D. Florida Institute for Cooperative Parenting
J. Terrence Porter Henderson Franklin Law Firm
James R. Shenko James R. Shenko, Chartered
James L. Nulman, Esq. Nulman Mediation Services, Inc.
Heather Fitzenhagen Resolution Strategies, LLC
Thomas C. Chase Thomas C. Chase, P.A.
John T. Brown John T. Brown, P.A.
Larry R. Leiby Leiby Stearns and Roberts, P.A.
Terry N. Silverman, Esq. Terry N. Silverman, P.A.
Charles B. Carter The Resolution Center
Chester B. Chance The Resolution Center
Jon L. Mills Upchurch Watson White & Max
Beth Bechard Mills Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
Dirk M. Smits, Esq. Vernis & Bowling (Florida Keys), P.A.
Gil Whitaker Attorney and Certified Civil Mediator
Terrance Edward Schmidt Bledsoe, Schmidt, Lang & Wilkinson, P.A.
Richard M Stoudemire Cole, Stone, Stoudemire & Morgan
Robert Lawrence Cowles Cowles Law Firm
Michael J. Dewberry Fowler White
Brett Q. Lucas Law Office of Brett Q. Lucas, P.A.
Charles Cook Howell III Law Office of Charles Howell III
G. Michael Burnett Schutt, Schmidt, Burnett & Noey
Roland E. Williams, Jr. Williams Mediations
Sherry Hyman Law Office of Sherry L. Hyman, PLLC
Louis Paul Pfeffer Louis P. Pfeffer PA
Lynn E. Wagner Mediation and Arbitration Offices of Lynn E. Wagner, Esq.
Thomas E. Baynes, Jr. Charles N. Castagna Mediation, Inc.
Louis J. Williams Law Offices of Louis J. Williams
Sanford (Sandy) M. Estroff Law, Arbitration and Mediation Offices
Samuel G. Crosby Miller, Crosby & Miller, P.A.
James L. Eskald James L. Eskald, P.A.
Edward P. Ahrens Jr. Charles N. Castagna Mediation, Inc.
Mark Shelton Mark Shelton, P.A.
J. Joaquin Fraxedas Fraxedas Mediation Firm
Paul A. Shoucair, Esq. Fraxedas Mediation Firm
Lyzette SanGermain Fraxedas Mediation Firm
Jay Colling Fraxedas Mediation Firm
Lawrence M. Watson, Jr. Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
David P Kirwan Law & Mediation Offices
Edward J. Kinberg Florida Mediation & Arbitration Associates
Jill Nexon Berman Berman Rennert Vogel & Mandler, P.A.
Brian F. Spector Brian F. Spector, LLC
John S. Freud Mediation Solutions, Inc.
Del G. Potter Potter Clement Lowry @ Duncan
Robin Doyle Doyle Conflict Resolution, Inc
David M. Prolman Mediation Resolution
Tara Miller Dane Esq. Tara Miller Dane Mediation Services
Paul A. Herman Center for Conflict Resolution, Inc.
Jean Bice Bice Cole Law Firm
Christine Layne Harter Christine L. Harter, P.A.
John R. Dorough Dorough Dispute Management
Ronald William Slonaker Ronald W. Slonaker, PA
Bureus Wayne Argo, Esq. Weiner & Argo, P.A.
Irwin J. Weiner, Esq. Weiner & Argo, P.A.
Mark Howard Ruff, Esq. Alvarez, Sambol, Winthrop & Madson
Larry I. Hauser, Esq. Alvarez, Sambol, Winthrop & Madson, P.A.
Lawrence H. Kolin Alvarez, Sambol, Winthrop & Madson, P.A.
P. Raul Alvarez, Jr., Alvarez, Sambol, Winthrop & Madson, P.A.
Laurance L. Mancuso Attorney at Law/Mediator/Arbitrator
Jackson O. Brownlee Brownlee Mediation Offices
Jeffrey D. Keiner Gray Robinson
Gary S. Salzman Esq. Gray Robinson, P.A.
Robert F. Higgins Esq Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A.
James F. Page Jr. Page Mediation
Lilburn R. Railey III Railey & Harding, P.A.
James A. Edwards Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell, PA
Donna C. Wyatt Wyatt Mediation
Kelly J. Henderson Mediation Inc
John N. Boggs, III Law Office of John N. Boggs
Lou Ray, Esq. A+Mediations/A+Arbitrations
Larry A. Matthews Bozeman, Jenkins & Matthews
William E. Bond Jr. Clark, Partington, Hart, <br>Larry, Bond & Stackhouse
Michael J. Schofield Clark, Partington, Hart, Larry, Bond & Stackhouse
David W. Hiers, Esq. Davidson & Hiers, P.A.
Robert N. Heath, Jr. McDonald Fleming Moorhead Law
Gerald McGill McGill Law & Mediation Firm
Michael D. Smith, Esq. Michael D. Smith Mediations
James M. Wilson Wilson, Harrell, Farrington & Ford, P.A.
Tim Poulton Mediation Offices of Tim Poulton
Hal Wotitzky, Esq. Wotitzky Mediation Center, LLC
Robert A. Evans, Ph.D. A Center For Human Potential
Malcolm J. Pitchford Abel, Band, Russell, Collier, Pitchford & Gordon, Chartered
Dana J. Watts Esq. Dana J. Watts Attorney at Law
Gary H. Larsen Dickinson & Gibbons, P.A.
Thomas F. Icard Jr. Icard Merrill Cullis Timm Furen & Ginsburg P.A.
Jack Wm. Windt Jack Wm. Windt, P.A.
W. Andrew Clayton, Jr. Johnson, Browning & Clayton, P.A.
Douglas B. Lumpkin, Esq. Lumpkin & Haskins, P.A.
William Garth Christopher Maglio Christopher & Toale
Stephen G. Brannan Stephen Brannan Mediations
H. Bart Fleet Esq. Fleet Spencer & Kilpatrick, P.A.
William T. Atchley, Jr. Mediation Offices of William T. Atchley, Jr.
Roger Charles Benson  
Charles W. Ross Esq. Charles W. Ross, P.A.
Christopher C. Ferguson Christopher C. Ferguson, P.A.
Raleigh W. Greene ("Lee") R. W. Greene, P.A.
Robert J. Lancaster Robert J. Lancaster, P.A.
John Paul Jones, Esq. The John Paul Jones Group
Douglas K. Sands Mediation Offices of Douglas K. Sands
W. Jay Hunston Jr. W. Jay Hunston, Jr., P.A.
Mark E. Becker Attorney and Mediator
Michael F. Coppins Coppins Monroe Adkins Dincman & Spellman, P.A.
Patrick J. Farrell Jr. Johnson, Farrell & Mabile, LLC
Karl M. Scheuerman Lutz, Bobo, Telfair, Eastman & Lee
Dominic M. Caparello Messer, Caparello & Self P.A.
Michael G. Maida Michael G. Maida, P.A.
F. Perry Odom North Florida Mediation & Arbitration Services, LLC
Paul A. Remillard, Esq. Remillard Law Firm
Chris A. Barker Barker, Rodems & Cook, P.A.
Gasper J. Ficarrotta Barr Murman & Tonelli, P.A.
James A. Murman, Esq. Barr Murman Tonelli Slother & Sleet
Michael Anthony Tonelli Barr Murman Tonelli Slother & Sleet
John W. Boult, Esq. Barr Murman Tonelli Slother & Sleet
F. Dennis Alvarez Barr, Murman, Tonelli
Bradley A. Kustin Bradley A. Kustin, Attorney & Mediator
Jonathan C. Koch Bush Ross P.A.
Edward O. Savitz Bush Ross, P.A.
C. Lawrence (Larry) Stagg C. Lawrence Stagg LLC
Cary R. Singletary Cary R. Singletary, PA
James R. Betts Esq. Certified Mediator/Arbitrator
Christopher M. Shulman Christopher M. Shulman P.A.<br>Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
Dale R. Sisco Dale R. Sisco, P.A.
Peter J. Grilli P.A. Grilli Mediation
J. Gary McMakin, Esq. J. Gary McMakin, P.A.
Clark Jordan-Holmes Joyner & Jordan-Holmes
Nathaniel G. W. Pieper Lau, Lane, Pieper, Conley & McCreadie, P.A.
Jeffrey A. Caglianone Law & Mediation Offices
Guy W. Spicola Law Offices of Guy Spicola
Lynn H. Cole Law Offices of Lynn Cole, P.A.
Stephen H. Sears Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen
Joseph P. Ludovici Mediation Offices of Joseph P. Ludovici, Esq.
Michael Weisz, Esq. Mediation Offices of Michael Weisz
Kenneth C. Whalen Murray, Marin & Herman, PA
Robert M. Daisley, Esq. Robert Michael Daisley, P.A.
Steven A. Strickland, Esq. Stuart & Strickland, P.A.
Stephen K. Stuart, Esq. Stuart & Strickland, P.A.
William B. Smith William B. Smith, P. A.
Mark W. Fox.Esq. Certified Civil and Family Mediator
Howard Randal Brennan Brennan & Kretschmer
Patricia Lebow Broad and Cassel
Charles Henry Damsel Jr. Charles H. Damsel, Jr., P.A.
Jack B. Pugh Pugh & Associates, P.A.
Theodore A. Deckert Theodore A. Deckert, PA
Wayne T. Gill, Esq. Upchurch Watson White & Max
Stephen G. Fischer Upchurch Watson White & Max Mediation Group
Alan L. Postman Former Circuit-Court Judge, Dade County
Jill S. Schwartz Jill S. Schwartz & Associates, P. A.
Thomas Gerard Kane, Esq. Mediation Services of Central Florida
Richard G. Wack Mediation Services of Central Florida, Inc.
Matt G. Firestone Pohl & Short, P.A.




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