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Canada's National ADR Portal
ADR Web is the response to the clear demand from lawyers and others who use dispute resolution services to know more specific information about a given mediator or arbitrator: experience, qualifications, language skills, specializations, and availability.

With this in mind, we have designed and created as the complete online solution to the requirements of those wishing to research and book mediators or arbitrators across Canada. Below you will find a complete list of the member webpages, sorted by City name.


Complete Roster of Approved ADRWeb Members
Nelson Blackburn, Q.C. Bedford Blackburn Law
Colm Brannigan Brampton - Brannigan ADR
Robert B. Blasina Burnaby Arbitrator/Mediator
Vincent R. K. Orchard Q.C. Burnaby Dispute Resolution & Settlements
Paul E. Love Campbell River Paul E. Love Law Corporation
Joan Cotie Cobble Hill Joan Cotie Mediation & Consulting Ltd.
Sylvia Skratek Delta Mediator, Arbitrator & Dispute Systems Designer
Dalton L. Larson Delta The Arbitrators Group
Rick Russell Dundas Agree Dispute Resolution
Heather Swartz Dundas Agree Incorporated
Andrew C.L. Sims Q.C. Edmonton Arbitration & Mediation Offices
Kathryn A. Raymond, Q.C. Halifax BOYNECLARKE LLP
Lorraine P. Lafferty, Q.C. Halifax LPL ADR Inc.
Lisa Teryl Halifax Teryl Scott PA
Corinn Bell Kamloops Mediation & Arbitration Offices
William L. Neville Kanata Neville ADR Services Inc.
Mark J. Brown Kelowna Mark J Brown Inc
David H. Pihl Q.C. Kelowna Pihl Law Corporation
Tony Zuber Kingston Zuber Mediation
Bryce Jeffery LL.B. Langley MacDonald, Boyle & Jeffery
Antoinette Clarke Mississauga CCMS
Guy Beaulieu Nanaimo Arbitration and Mediation Services
Frank E. DeMont Q.C. Q.Med. New Glasgow DeMont Law
James E. Dorsey Q.C. North Vancouver James E. Dorsey, Law Corporation
John McConchie North Vancouver McConchie & Company
Rick Brooks Ottawa Brooks Dispute Resolution
Bryan A. Carroll Ottawa Carroll Mediation
Stephen J. Kelly Ottawa Kelly Santini LLP
Lisa Langevin Ottawa Kelly Santini LLP
Lyon Gilbert Ottawa Lyon Gilbert/Out of Court Resolution Processes International Inc.
Paul W. Muirhead Ottawa Muirhead Mediation
Walter Langley Ottawa ODRG - Ottawa Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Brian Parnega Ottawa ODRG - Ottawa Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Hon. Albert Roy J.D. Q.C. Ottawa Ottawa Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Ian C. Szlazak Ottawa Resolution House Inc.
Murray H. Miskin PETERBOROUGH Miskin Law Professional Corporation
Michael Cohen Pointe-Claire, Quebec West Island Counselling Centre
John Kinzie Richmond
Heather Hettiarachchi Richmond Integritas Workplace Law
Christopher Sullivan Roberts Creek Arbitration & Mediation Services Ltd.
Anne M. Wallace Q.C. Saskatoon Anne Wallace Legal Professional Corporation
Catherine M. Zuck Q.C. Saskatoon Arbitrator, Mediator & Labour Law Consultant
Cathy Knapp Surrey Cathy Knapp, ADR Services Inc.
David C. McPhillips Surrey DCM Arbitration Services Inc.
Kathleen J. Kelly, FCIArb, C.Arb., C.Med. Toronto
Bruce Ally PhD LLM OCPM. WFA Toronto A Place For Mediation, Inc.
Gary Furlong Toronto Agree Dispute Resolution
Sue Vandittelli Toronto AWR Inc.-Alternative Workplace Resolutions
Larry Banack Toronto Banack Resolutions Inc.
Rui M. Fernandes Toronto Bluestone ADR
Kim E. Stoll Toronto Bluestone ADR
John M. Burnes Toronto Brown & Burnes
Zenon Fedorowycz Toronto Brown & Burnes LLC
Joan Sinclair MSW RSW Acc.FM Toronto Family Mediator & Counsellor
Dana Bruce Hanson Toronto Hanson Mediation
Harold Arkin Toronto Harold Arkin, Chartered Mediator
Lawrence Herman (Larry) C. Med.. LL.M.(ADR) Toronto Herman Mediations
Jeff Morris Toronto Jeff Morris Mediation
Lynn Bevan LL.B. C.Med. Toronto Lynn Bevan Professional Corporation
Donna Ranger B.Comm. MBA LL.B. Toronto Ranger Mediations Inc.
Mitchell Rose Toronto Rose Dispute Resolution, a division of Mitchell Rose Professional Corporation
Gerry S. George Toronto Sage Resolutions Inc.
Linda M. Schneider Toronto Schneider Mediation Inc.
Albert Suissa B.A. LL.B. Toronto Taylor & Martyn Mediators
Pamela Taylor Toronto Taylor & Martyn Mediators
Barbara Martyn Toronto Taylor & Martyn Mediators, Inc.
Shelley L. Timms Toronto Timshel Services Inc.
Warren Morris Toronto Warren Morris - Mediator / Arbitrator
Alicia Kuin Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc
Paul M. Iacono Q.C. Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Derek Sarluis Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Douglas F. Cutbush Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Richard D. McLean Q.C. Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
John Beaucage B.A. D.Litt. Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Cindy Winer Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Margaret Rees C.MED. Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Ernie Eves Q.C. LL.B. LL.D. (Hon) Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Tony Baker Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Charles A. Harnick Q.C. Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
John W. Makins Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Helen L. Walt Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Peter R. Braund B.A. (Hons.) LL.B. LL.M. Toronto YorkStreet Dispute Resolution Group Inc.
Leanne Andree Toronto/Waterloo Andree Mediations
Rick Coleman Vancouver
Robert Pekeles Vancouver
Karen Nordlinger Q.C. Vancouver Aaron Gordon Daykin & Nordlinger
Ken Saunders Vancouver ADR Services Ltd.
Paul A. Devine Vancouver Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Services
Elaine Doyle Vancouver Arbitration & Mediation Services
Joan Gordon Vancouver Arbitration, Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services
Carol Roberts Vancouver Carol Roberts Law Corporation
Colin Taylor Q.C. Vancouver Colin Taylor Law Corporation
Duncan MacPhail Vancouver Duncan MacPhail ADR Inc.
Frank S. Borowicz QC,JP,CPA (Hon) Vancouver Frank S. Borowicz QC Law Corporation
Gabriel M. Somjen QC Vancouver Gabriel Somjen QC Dispute Resolution
Jeffrey A. Hand Vancouver Innovative Legal Solutions LLP
Irene Holden Vancouver Irene Holden Ltd.
John B. Hall Vancouver John B. Hall Law Corporation
Julie Nichols Vancouver Julie Nichols Law Corporation
Vincent L. Ready Vancouver Labour Arbitration & Mediation Services Ltd.
Joan McEwen Vancouver McEwen Arbitration & Mediation
Neil Hain Vancouver Neil Hain Dispute Resolution
Nicholas Glass Vancouver Nicholas Glass Mediation and Arbitration.
Hugh S. McCall Vancouver Pacific Centre for Dispute Resolution, Inc.
James D. Vilvang, Q.C. Vancouver Richards Buell Sutton LLP
Amanda Rogers Vancouver Rogers Dispute Resolution
John P. Sanderson Q.C. Vancouver Sanlaing Dispute Resolution Limited
Wayne Moore Vancouver Wayne Moore Arbitrator and Mediator
Arne S. Peltz C. Arb Victoria Arbitrator & Mediator
Marli Rusen Victoria Marli F. Rusen. BA, LL.B.
Glenn Sigurdson Q.C. W. Vancouver
Jessica Gregory West Vancouver Jessica Gregory Arbitrator Investigator Mediator
Ian A. Johncox Whitby Epoch Mediation
Susan Ashley Wolfville



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