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List of Mediators in Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada is established as amongst the most forward thinking countries in the world in terms of its advocacy of Alternative Dispute Resolution, as a means of minimizing expensive and often futile litigation.

Our members can assist you in the resolution of many types of dispute, including civil or commercial matters, family law matters, estate issues, and many more.

The following Vancouver mediators are all qualified members of ADRWeb, please click on a name to see more information...


Rick Coleman Vancouver
Robert Pekeles Vancouver
Karen Nordlinger Q.C. Vancouver Aaron Gordon Daykin & Nordlinger
Ken Saunders Vancouver ADR Services Ltd.
Paul A. Devine Vancouver Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Services
Elaine Doyle Vancouver Arbitration & Mediation Services
Joan Gordon Vancouver Arbitration, Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services
Carol Roberts Vancouver Carol Roberts Law Corporation
Colin Taylor Q.C. Vancouver Colin Taylor Law Corporation
Duncan MacPhail Vancouver Duncan MacPhail ADR Inc.
Frank S. Borowicz QC,JP,CPA (Hon) Vancouver Frank S. Borowicz QC Law Corporation
Gabriel M. Somjen QC Vancouver Gabriel Somjen QC Dispute Resolution
Jeffrey A. Hand Vancouver Innovative Legal Solutions LLP
Irene Holden Vancouver Irene Holden Ltd.
John B. Hall Vancouver John B. Hall Law Corporation
Julie Nichols Vancouver Julie Nichols Law Corporation
Vincent L. Ready Vancouver Labour Arbitration & Mediation Services Ltd.
Joan McEwen Vancouver McEwen Arbitration & Mediation
Neil Hain Vancouver Neil Hain Dispute Resolution
Nicholas Glass Vancouver Nicholas Glass Mediation and Arbitration.
Hugh S. McCall Vancouver Pacific Centre for Dispute Resolution, Inc.
James D. Vilvang, Q.C. Vancouver Richards Buell Sutton LLP
Amanda Rogers Vancouver Rogers Dispute Resolution
John P. Sanderson Q.C. Vancouver Sanlaing Dispute Resolution Limited
Wayne Moore Vancouver Wayne Moore Arbitrator and Mediator



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